We are offering the following services:

▪︎ How to get started as a domain investor.

▪︎ Advice about any particular domain name.

▪︎ Advice regarding domain sale negotiation or domain acquisitions.

▪︎ Help you to build your own domain portfolio.

Domain Brokerage

ALBROKER helps your business purchase a premium domain name for the best price. We’re the expert domain broker service that sources viable options, negotiates and acquires the ideal domain name for your brand.


We Have Decades Of Experience Selling Premium Domain Names

When you have a premium domain for sale, you need to feel confident about securing the best sale price. That’s why we assign each qualified inquiry to an experienced domain broker with a proven track record of high-profile sales

Domain Consultant Service.

For domain consulting you’ll be required to pay in advance for a minimum of 1 hour consulting fees ($250 per hour).

  • Email/chat (5 responses only).
  • Video session (1 hour only).

For portfolio building, we require at least an advance payment of 3 hours of time ($250 per hour).

For domain appraisals, we require a minimum of 25 domains to appraise and the cost for each domain appraisal is $10.

Your prepaid hour(s) must be used within 1 month from the time of payment. In case of no-show, your 30 minutes time/$125 will be cancelled. Payment must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the session.

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